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Two Female Relationships between Female Sith Warrior/Jaesa. A love story for its started at the beginning of their relationship in the game. This long time ago from before Lana Beniko Romance in the game.

Chapter 1: 

Ainhatiko check out all of Jaesa's body up and down. "Hi Master! Jaesa said."

before they left the med-bay Ainhatiko planted a kiss on Jaesa's lips. Ainhatiko thinks to herself why this is taste so good. Ainhatiko and Jaesa are glue together with their tongues in each other mouth making out and Ainhatiko push Jaesa against the wall and they're kissing passionately.

Ainhatiko right hand in the Jaesa's pants and her hand is in her underwear then her fingers against her lips then her fingers went inside of Jaesa pussy and her fingers in and out of Jaesa's cilt fucking faster and harder inside of Jaesa.

Jasea lease a loud moan from her mouth and her fingers went out of Jaesa's cilt.  Ainhatiko put hand out of Jaesa's underwear and they both take their clothes off and they went back kissing and fucking each other. Jaesa lick from Ainhatiko's cilt to one of Ainhatiko's breast and she is sucking on her nipple really hard.

Jaesa and Ainhatiko locked together and their tongues are still together each other mouth. Jaesa hand went down to Ainhatiko's pussy her fingers went into Ainhatiko's pussy fucking Ainhatiko like crazy faster and harder. Ainhatiko release it a loud moan from her mouth. Fuck me! Fuck Me! Fuck me! Ainhatiko said.

Ainhatiko out aloud. Jaesa is going down to Ainhatiko's cilt and she is using her tongue up and down aggressive and fast and Ainhatiko release another loud moan from her mouth. Ainhatiko turn to going down on Jaesa pussy and she using her tongue aggressive and slow and gentle and her tongue is going around in circles and circles.

Jaesa Release another loud moan from her mouth. Ainhatiko licking around Jaesa's nipple and like fucking hard and now is sucking the nipple like crazy and harder and faster. Jaesa release another loud moan and Ainhatiko Fuck me! "Fuck me so hard and make me cum alot Master! Jaesa said." Ainhatiko does what Jaesa told her do.

Ainhatiko's fingers inside of Jaesa's pussy again even faster and harder and quicker and Ainahtiko bite Jaesa's neck fucking hard. Jaesa loud moan again and I love you My master." I love you Jaesa and you let your guard down and I took the top to fuck you as hard i can and i think i did. Jaesa replies. They fall asleep on the Ainhatiko Bed on her ship the fury. 


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